Our company is 100% conformed by Mexican women, we trust in the courage and dedication of these loyal warriors that with their dreams and joys make our tequila extraordinary.

Our Agaves are cultivated in the Highlands of Jalisco, where Nature has deposited large amounts of minerals, which in contact with the air transformed into red soil, giving each of our products the special touch of this zone.

We have the highest quality standards, under the official Mexican standards and regulated by the Consejo Regulados del Tequila, creating a product proudly with denomination of origin.



Our products are created in the heart of Jalisco, where we are proud to create one of the best Tequilas in Mexico and bring to the world a piece of our land, a story to tell, an illusion, a feminine heart that in every drop I will tell you what our Mexico is.

El Conde Azul

El Conde Azul Tequila is elaborated with the most rigorous selection of blue agave Tequilana Weber obtained from the Jalisco highlands, being the best grounds for the plant because of its clay texture, with abundant basalt, wealthy in iron which oxidation gives a red brown color to the soil. Besides its flavor, this is a unique product with a great individual presentation, besides being a piece of pleasure for the view and taste, its also a piece of luxury for collectors. This bottle was designed from Italian artisans and brought to Mexico to be painted with an ink of 18 Karats of gold. In presentations of SILVER, which is just distilled, REPOSADO which is 8 months in barrels, to an AGED Tequila that has been for 3 years in White oak barrels.


As its name say it, bring a 3 in 1 bottle with the 3 main types of tequila for our consumers to taste all of our representative Tequilas for special occasions. It is a soft tequila with herbal and frutal flavors but with a nice note of cooked Agave, always with our craft process.

Leyenda de México

It is by excellence the most representative Premium tequila of Mexico, of its roots traditions and history. In each bottle you will find a legend of love of our people and you will be able to taste one of the finest Tequilas made for the most demanding palates, with a unique flavor as a gift for the whole world. Its distillation process, its oxygenation and a variety that goes from Silver Tequila Blanco with 24k gold, to Extra Aged with 9 years aging in barrels make our Tequila a Legend.